"How to Tap Into a Secret Source of Flippable Houses and Make Up to $60,000 Per Deal" (Wholesale These Houses With No Competition)

We’ve found 3 hidden key market indicators which tell us exactly how to HIGHLY MOTIVATED sellers at the time when they’re most willing to sell at a ridiculously deep discount.

Discovered by a local couple that stumbled into a public records hack and has exploited it for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Highly profitable deals that are easy for beginners because there’s no competition and the sellers are highly motivated.

The “Pre-Probate Hack”, The “Wholesale Piggyback Hack” and The “Sick and Tired Hack” make doing profitable deals as easy as taking candy from a baby, even for inexperienced newbies.

Would you like to be wholesaling houses and making $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000 on each deal by this time next week? Or, How about doing "fix and flips" with $60,000+ profit in them?

“There’s literally no competition for the houses that we’re flipping and wholesaling, and we’re finding these hidden deals for as little as 3 cents each by exploiting a series of hidden market indicators that we’ve discovered.Our competitors know that we’re doing five times as many deals as them, but they’ve yet to figure out how we’re doing it… “

Contrary to what the guru’s may tell you, the easy money days for most house flippers and wholesalers are long gone. I know my wife and I were starting to think they were, until we discovered this overlooked secret market that’s absolutely perfect for the house flipping business.

The Pre-Vacant House Goldmine System will have you doing deals in no time:

Motivated Sellers

Pre-Vacant house sellers are highly motivated and you’ll discover exactly how to reach them at the time when they’re just about to walk away and abandon their house. It’s as if you had a crystal ball which tells you precisely when a homeowner is about to abandon their house.

Motivated Sellers

The “Pre-Probate Hack”, the “Wholesale Piggyback Hack” and the “Sick and Tired Hack” are systems no other investor is using. When combined with our “Curiosity Mailer”, which get’s a 30% response rate, you’ll be doing deals fast.

Motivated Sellers

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you’re cashing checks. Big checks. And Pre-Vacant houses, combined with the proven systems you’ll learn and the tested marketing materials you’ll have access to, are the quickest way to cashing fat checks.

“We’ve found a flaw in the way other investors are targeting vacant houses, and we’ve been exploiting it for huge profits

“My wife and I have found a fatal flaw in the way other real estate investors and gurus have been targeting vacant houses and we’ve been exploiting it over the past couple of years to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’ve been using hidden market indicators and information, which is right underneath your noses, to locate pre-vacant houses and then using a creative ‘back door’ system to reach the owners at precisely the right time when they are highly motivated and ready to sell”.

– Sean Flanagan (Real Estate Investor)

Here's a Pre-Vacant house we found using the Pre-Probate Method...

"And we rehabbed it, then sold it for $179,900 just 91 days later"

There's Plenty More Where That Came From...

We Landed This Pre-Vacant House Using theWholesale Piggyback Hack...

“$18,600 profit in 6 days without using a dime of our own money.”

The wholesale piggyback hack is another hack that we use to find PRE-Vacant and PRE-Abandoned houses. It’s totally different from the pre-probate hack, but we still get an absolute ton of deals this way. Guaranteed- your competitors aren’t doing this, which is why this works in any market, regardless of how hot the market may be.

This Deal Came From The “Great Gold Toss” Technique

It costs us about 3 cents to reach this type of motivated seller and this one was a landlord that we found before they ever file for an eviction…

Here's another one that came from the Pre-Probate Hack...

The owners son called us from a secret “curiosity mailer”, which we consistently get a massive 30% response rate on. That’s almost one out of every three motivated sellers that call us to sell.

On a side note, when we bought this house, both the seller and the sellers son told us they never would have responded to a “we buy houses” type of mailing or postcard, but that they did respond to us because of the unique way that contacted them.

“We made $26,500 in just under two weeks time and we never had to put a dime of our money into the deal”

“I used one of the systems they teach in the program, they call it the wholesale piggyback hack, and I found it at a time when the owners were literally moving their stuff out. It didn’t cost me a dime to find the house.

I ended up getting the house under contract and then wholesaling the house to another investor that buys houses in my area. That was the first real estate deal I’ve ever done and I made $3,500 on it.

I took a few hundred bucks of that money and put it back into marketing for motivated sellers using a “hack” that Sean teaches called the Pre-Probate Hack and I ended up doing another deal three weeks later. I made $5,700 on that one.

– Peter Warren (Wholesaler – Michigan)

Introducing the Pre-Vacant House Goldmine...

"Show Me Exactly What I'll Get & I'll Be More Likely to Buy It."

The PRE-VACANT HOUSE GOLDMINE TRAINING SYSTEM is a step-by-step, connect the dots, super easy to follow system on profiting from the PRE-Vacant houses.

In this one-of – a- kind program, I’ll let you in on an absolute ton of secrets that we’ve been using in the current real estate market to make boatloads of money. Here’s a few of the extremely powerful tactics and techniques that you’ll learn about in our PRE-Vacant House Goldmine:

In short, we’re going to pull back the curtains on our pre-vacant house business and give you the exact, step-by-step, plug and play systems that we use in our business so you can get started and be making money off of pre-vacant houses by this time next week. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, including:

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you invest in the Pre-Vacant House Goldmine today:

Module 1 – Getting Started With Pre-Vacant Houses

In this video training module, you’ll get a complete understanding of our Pre-Vacant House investing model. You’ll learn where to look, what to buy and what to avoid like the plague. Plus, we will take an in depth look at the best exit strategies for Pre-Vacant Houses.

We’ll also show you exactly where to find the “low hanging fruit” that’s easy to make money on, then we will go through case studies to help you understand the ins and outs of structuring deals.

Module 2 – Goldmine #1 – The Wholesale Piggyback Hack

In this video we will break down the wholesale piggyback hack method for finding and profiting from pre-vacant houses. We will show you exactly how to get started quickly and we will breakdown our entire piggyback system here, including the magic letter we have developed, the follow up system and even the show you how to start making money using this technique in just a few days time. We go into detail on how to negotiate with the seller, plus we introduce you to a unique perspective on wholesaling pre-vacant houses. We’ll also show you exactly where to find the “low hanging fruit” that’s easy to make money on, then we will go through case studies to help you understand the ins and outs of structuring deals.

Module 3 – Goldmine #2 – The Pre-Probate Hack

In this module, you’ll learn all about an insanely profitable public records hack that we’ve discovered which enables us to find houses BEFORE they go to probate, and before anyone else knows about them. We’ve put a ton of money in our pockets using this method and you can, too. We will break down our backdoor method completely, leaving no stone unturned.

We go into in depth detail on how to compile your list, what mailer to use, how to handle seller calls, a neat trick to turn warm leads into deals, what phone system we use to track our marketing and much more. We even give you “live” intensive training which allows you to look over our shoulders as we quickly build a pre-probate goldmine list online.

Module 4 – Goldmine #3 – The Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired Owner

In this video, we show you a totally different and unique way of targeting exhausted owners and landlords. We teach you a secret trick to finding pre-eviction deals which lead to huge paydays and we also go through more “live” training while we compile a highly targeted mailing list for free on the internet. This is a list that your competitors aren’t using, so it’s worth its weight in gold.

We also break down another curiosity mailer which we developed that is so effective, it tripled our response rate. We go through our follow up systems, how to negotiate specifically with this type of seller and then introduce you to a follow up postcard we’ve nicknamed “The Closer” because of it’s proven track record of taking cold leads and converting them into deals.

This isn’t your normal “we buy houses” postcard, it’s a mail piece which gets extremely good results, and of course we’re going to give you the templates to use all of our mail pieces in your market, too.

Module 5 – Goldmine #4 – The Great Gold Toss Method

In this video, we will cover a system we use to reach pre-vacant prospects for as little as 3 cents each. You’ll learn exactly which neighborhoods you should target, plus we will teach you about our “concrete sneak attack” when driving neighborhoods. The concrete sneak attack leads us to deals almost every time we use it.

We will also take you on a car ride with us in this module, where we take you out in to the field and show you physical clues on houses and in neighborhoods which lead us to huge paydays. Then we will teach you step by step how to compile one of the most profitable mailing lists that you could ever dream of, then we will give you a magic curiosity letter which is written specifically for this list, along with the follow up postcard we use to maximize our results.

Last, we will teach you exactly how we handle seller calls from the great gold toss method and then give you a blueprint for our follow up method, too.

Module 6 – Pre-Vacant House Case Studies

In this final video, we will bring it all together by teaching you based off of real pre-vacant house deals which we’ve done. We will break them down from beginning to end, so you understand exactly how to maximize your pre-vacant house profits.

The training that you’re going to get inside the Pre-Vacant house Goldmine will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before in the house flipping industry This is the only pre-vacant house blueprint on the market, because no one else knows about this stuff…

Get Instant Access to the Pre-Vacant Goldmine Training!

Inside this complete, video-based online course, you’ll also get access to…

“The systems that I’ve learned in Sean and Tracey’s Pre-Vacant House program are pretty much invaluable”

I’ve already closed on one house using one of the “hacks” they teach. It didn’t cost me any money in marketing and no one else even know the house was going up for sale.

– Chris Peterson (House Flipper – Colorado)

“No one else mails to these lists or uses these postcards. They’re priceless”

The Gold Toss and the Wholesale Piggyback Systems require no money at all to find motivated sellers fast. And last, the Pre-Probate system is AWESOME!

– Tina Noble (Investor – California)


And, because we want you to take advantage of this opportunity to get started making money in the pre-vacant house market today, I’m going to throw in a couple of bonuses to sweeten the deal.

Remember when I mentioned that we buy some of these houses “subject to” the existing financing, so we don’t have to qualify for financing or spend any of our own money up front when we acquire the properties.

I’m going to throw in an online training session which teaches you step-by-step how to buy and sell houses using the “subject to” method. This allows you to get the deed to the property, so you’re the legal owner, and then take over the existing financing, then sell the house at a later date for a profit. In this training, you’ll discover:

In short, in this “Subject to” training program, I’ll hand you everything you need to start profiting from “subject to” deals.

This training program normally retails for $197, but I’m going to throw it in when you get started with the Pre-Vacant House Goldmine Training Program today.


I’m going to throw in another training course called Instantly Access Millions, which will show you exactly how to get the money you need to fund your deals.

It shows you where to get the money from, how to get it and walks you step by step through the entire process, so you can get funding on deals even if you have bad credit and no down payment.

This training program normally retails for $97, but I’m going to throw it in when you get started with the Pre-Vacant House Goldmine Training Program today.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

All this right now for just:


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